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About us

We are João and Michael, two passionate professionals that met each other 7 years ago. Our connection and friendship have grown since then, leading us to THIS MOMENT! 

For the past years, we've gained experience in the Healthcare sector, where we felt the need to build something powerful, innovative, and with a significant positive impact on people.

Our solution, due to the shortage of nurses and different caregivers in The Netherlands, was to build a Network Platform that allows nurses and different caregivers to fulfill their career goals and dreams in The Netherlands.

HiNurse is being defined and designed since July 2020 and launched in January 2021. Born to help, to stay, and to grow.

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João Ramos

João was born in the city of Porto in 1991. He moved to The Netherlands in 2013 to chase his career goals and to add an adventure to his life. He has been a professional handball player and for the past years, he worked for a Healthcare company located in the Maastricht area. João wants to maintain his happiness and well-being, feeling the need to keep himself busy with innovative ideas regarding healthcare. He likes to travel and he doesn't miss worthwhile experiences.

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Michael Hamers

Michael was born in 1972. He is an owner and director of a homecare company and multiple nursing homes in the South of Netherlands, Limburg. He started these companies in 2005 together with his wife Hannelore, who was also a nurse. He is an international Recruitment & HR specialist who enjoys multiple short holidays by visiting cities in Europe and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Portugal has a special place in his heart, which led him to have a home in Algarve, Tavira. Michael has an energetic entrepreneurial mindset and broad focus.

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