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Success story of Andrea Edman

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

“To leave your home, your country and safety all behind and proceed with your work as a nurse in a foreign country can be very challenging in a lot of ways. Neither less alone try to navigate through rules and authorities that you need to apply to a language you don’t understand. This was for me too difficult.

I started planning my immigration to the Netherlands back in 2019. First, I tried to get my head around how the Dutch healthcare system worked. I soon realized that this was more complicated than I expected and I would not be able to do it alone.

Working together with HiNurse, a company with the main focus to immigrate nurses from abroad, was just what I needed. HiNurse has been by my side from beginning to end. They have not only been a huge support, but they have also made my journey into the Dutch healthcare best way possible.” - Andrea Edman

“HiNurse actively helps healthcare organizations and their patients to receive good quality care in a timely manner within a demographically aging society. We prevent increasing waiting lists in healthcare, postponed operations, empty beds, and ensure sufficient home care. Interested in how we can help You to start or develop a career within Dutch healthcare organizations? Contact HiNurse for more information and the best support.– João Ramos

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