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Despite the continuous care and attention paid to the development of the website of HiNurse (hereinafter referred to as “the website”), HiNurse cannot guarantee that the information and services (hereinafter referred to as “the information”) included on it is complete or correct.

All information on the website is periodically updated and is subject to change with immediate effect and without prior notification.

Obviously, it goes without saying that visitors of the website are not permitted to publish or reproduce copyrighted work, names, logos, or other information stored on the website in any way, not even through a private network, without the prior written permission of HiNurse

As we do not know your purpose for visiting our website and using the information on it, we cannot guarantee that the information on the website or linked websites is actually suitable for the purpose of your search.

E-mail messages are intended solely for the addressee(s). Should you receive an e-mail in error, please notify us immediately. We request that you destroy the e-mail and neither use the contents in any manner nor distribute it to third parties, because the message may contain confidential information which may be subject to professional confidentiality.

In view of the above, HiNurse excludes all liabilities for any direct or indirect disadvantage of any nature arising from the use of the website and the information on it, the contents of the linked websites, or the temporary unavailability of the website and/or information.

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